Your Takeaways


Energy efficiency study

The industry is changing fast. According to our European study, energy Efficiency is one of the top priorities for every company nowadays. What are the right ways to invest, which technologies are sustainable, and how can you best optimize your material flow? Let’s find out how we can help to make your business more sustainable!

MicroHubs white paper

Interroll has engaged in a market research together with EHI. We wanted to find out how the retail and e-commerce sector can best manage the “last mile,” which technolgies will be best, whether automation will pay off, and which operating models are most recommended. Let´s have the experts discuss and learn from the best.

Outsourcing for higher productivity

We asked about 150 managing directors and business leaders about the core competencies of their companies. Is it still possible to focus only on value-adding processes and stay ahead of competitors when you decide to collaborate with partners? Interroll has a very strong track record of enabling customers to do a better business. Are you ready?

Automating the manufacturing logistics sector

How can we harmonize the interaction of machines, people and processes in a manufacturing environment? How will goods and raw material be managed end-to-end? We studied the needs of small and medium-sized companies and collected our main findings in a white paper. Are you interested?