The Project


Why we do this

Ingo Steinkrüger

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We want to address every single aspect of your business. We can learn so much from each other and create a trust-based, energetic environment. At Interroll, we are committed to excellence and we keep improving every day. This is the way you can count on us to do business with you. Imagine the way!

Elena Palmigiani

Manager Brand Experience

Last year, we began this journey with modest expectations. We just wanted to create an opportunity to be with our customers again—because we are so passionate about them. What we experienced was just amazing and we were truly touched by our customers’ welcoming spirit. We met so many fascinating people. This year, we’ll do it again, but in a completely different way—and we invite you to imagine the way!

Jens Karolyi

Senior Vice President Corporate Marketing & People Development

We are in a business-for-business environment. It is our responsibility to challenge the status quo and collaborate with our customers to develop the most effective material-handling solutions. Only when we always respect each other we can grow our businesses together in a sustainable way. Imagine the way!

Maurizio Catino

Executive Vice President Global Sales & Solutions

When we come to your doorstep, this is what we call customer comfort and customer confidence. We will bring a lot of exciting topics and our experts will be ready for you. Let’s get inspired by the future potential and engage in long-term thinking. Your ideas and needs are crucial for us and together we’ll find a way. Imagine the way!